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Back to the SumoORE chassis

Made some updates to the SumoORE chassis today. I moved the front blade out flush at the front, shaved a bit off the back, cut some openings at the back for the rear IR. Instead of black like the first … Continue reading

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Working on sumoORE pcbs

Received the sumoORE pcbs from Seeedstudio finally so I’m working on building up a test platform with PCB and base. Assembly of the pcbs went pretty good. Lots of wide open space on these guys. Schematics and details can be … Continue reading

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2011 Firefighting competition at Trinity College

Me and a couple of other O.R.E. members spent the weekend in Hartford, Connecticut at the Trinity Firefighting Competition. It was my 8th year attending. Wow, time flies. As always, it was a blast. There is some sort of geek … Continue reading

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Line Maze Solver

Playing with turning my line follower into a maze solver for the robot games in Ottawa. Took a little video of it running a maze. Its all pretty basic right now… just following the ‘left wall’ algorithm… takes every left … Continue reading

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Moxie M38-360 continuous servo for minisumo

Received my Moxie continuous servos from last night and took a quick look at them. Pretty decent little things for $3.40! Metal bushing on the output shaft, decently fast and reasonably torquey. Construction inside was not too bad… no … Continue reading

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iTeadstudio PCB service thoughts

I’ve been following some discussion between the guy at EEVblog and iTeadstudio about their PCBs and the quality. EEVblog is one of the guys that I follow on twitter (@eevblog). I follow iTeadstudio also, but they post pretty infrequently (@ITeadstudio). … Continue reading

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Thinking about mini sumos

I drew up a quick design in QCad and cut it out of sintra this afternoon to see how it would work to create a little snap together minisumo frame. The idea is that the batteries and motors are held … Continue reading

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More Line Followers ready

Had a little time this weekend so I finished putting those line followers together. I’ll be out of motors and some other components after this batch, so I’m going to move on to sumo robots next. I took a few … Continue reading

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Line follower production line

Time to get more of these line followers out in the wild. I’ve got 5 sets of motors left so I’m building up 4 of the 18F25K22 versions and 1 more of the 28X2 PICAXE versions. Hopefully that will be … Continue reading

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Line Follower Videos

Three little line follower…. 2 of the PICAXE 28X2 variety and 1 of the raw PIC18F25K22 sort. They are just running the default demo code. They were released out in the wild soon after this video. Hopefully we will see … Continue reading

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