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Printing with Ninjaflex

After having printed a lot with ABS and PLA, finally decided to get a roll of Ninjaflex filament for testing on my Prusa Version 1. I was expecting that given this filament’s flexible characteristics I would have to do many adjustments to … Continue reading

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3D Printed Chess Robot Gripper

After a long hiatus of my Robotics activities I am starting a new project: A Chess Playing Robot. As a logical step up of the Tic Tac Toe Playing Robotic Arm I built some years ago I have started building a Chess … Continue reading

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Back in the swing of things after a quiet summer!

Its been a while since the last post on this blog… summer is always slow. Some work on my Robomagellan robot but its still in pieces. My prusa 3D printer keeps chugging along. Its basically design and print at this … Continue reading

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Still 3D printing…

After spending the last couple months tweaking, tuning and generally goofing around with my Prusa Reprap 3D printer, this weekend I figured it was finally time to start printing robot parts. I’ve had a minisumo design kicking around for the … Continue reading

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2012 Trinity Firefighting Competition

A small group of us from Ottawa made the trek down to Hartford, CT for the firefighting competition. 2 of our members competed. It didn’t go as planned, but I think everyone had fun anyhow. 😉 Anyhow, just a bunch … Continue reading

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Get a grip

The time has finally come to make a robot arm. Its been on list of things to do since forever. Possibly even longer. The gripper had me scratching my head a bit. Until I realized that it was pretty dang … Continue reading

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New Picaxe40x2 Boards assembled

Spent a bit of time last weekend putting together my new Picaxe40X2 PCBs. I ran into major problems with the PCBs…. the solder simply wouldn’t stick to the pads. I fired off an email to iTeadstudio to see if maybe … Continue reading

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New PicAxe PCBs arrived

Received some new PCBs today from iTeadStudio. I did these boards using their new colour pcb and 100% test service. This is the first time I’ve done blue boards with iTeadStudio. They look fantastic. I’m a convert I think… no … Continue reading

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Cancellation of CNRG hits the news

Wow, this was a bit unexpected. I was pinged by Ashley Burke from the CBC about a piece on the cancellation of the Canadian National Robot Games (CNRG) on Thursday last week. Early Friday I did a quick interview with … Continue reading

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Starting to put stuff together for CNRG

Starting to put my new minisumo and firefighter designs together. I put together a small flame sensor using IR phototransistors. I’ll need to either print or CNC a lid for it. The idea is that the 11 sensors give a … Continue reading

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