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Printrbot Jr. Arrives…. mostly

Its been a fun week… first the laser and now the Printrbot Jr. arrived last night! We weren’t going to build the printer until this weekend, but decided to take a look at all the pretty wood pieces. Printrbot has … Continue reading

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Holy Frikkin’ Laser!

  Well, the K40-III 40W laser arrived! I bought it on ebay from a seller called ‘rumei-shopping’. $853 bucks later (+$53 for brokerage and taxes) and Fedex dropped it off this afternoon for me to play with. The packaging that … Continue reading

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Back in the swing of things after a quiet summer!

Its been a while since the last post on this blog… summer is always slow. Some work on my Robomagellan robot but its still in pieces. My prusa 3D printer keeps chugging along. Its basically design and print at this … Continue reading

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