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Depanelizing PCBs

Just a quick video showing how I depanelize PCBs. I typically buy PCBs from SeeedStudio or iTeadStudio and it makes sense to use the 10cm by 10cm board size and jam more than one PCB into that area. Diptrace (my … Continue reading

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Still 3D printing…

After spending the last couple months tweaking, tuning and generally goofing around with my Prusa Reprap 3D printer, this weekend I figured it was finally time to start printing robot parts. I’ve had a minisumo design kicking around for the … Continue reading

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IR solder reflow trials and tribulations

As you may have seen in some of my older posts, I occasionally pull out my Puhui T-962A IR reflow oven for assembling PCBs. We had some small boards at work to put together so rather than farm it out … Continue reading

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New Picaxe40x2 Boards assembled

Spent a bit of time last weekend putting together my new Picaxe40X2 PCBs. I ran into major problems with the PCBs…. the solder simply wouldn’t stick to the pads. I fired off an email to iTeadstudio to see if maybe … Continue reading

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New PicAxe PCBs arrived

Received some new PCBs today from iTeadStudio. I did these boards using their new colour pcb and 100% test service. This is the first time I’ve done blue boards with iTeadStudio. They look fantastic. I’m a convert I think… no … Continue reading

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Starting to put stuff together for CNRG

Starting to put my new minisumo and firefighter designs together. I put together a small flame sensor using IR phototransistors. I’ll need to either print or CNC a lid for it. The idea is that the 11 sensors give a … Continue reading

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Building a Prusa Mendel and new SumoORE PCBs

Well, with the Ottawa robot games over and done with this year, I’ve been able to turn my attention to the 3D printer that I’ve been ordering parts for. As previously posted, this thing has been on the backburner since … Continue reading

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SumoORE production underway

SumoORE production line is running at full capacity. ;-). Cutting chassis for these guys this afternoon and then I’ll have plenty for the time being.

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Working on sumoORE pcbs

Received the sumoORE pcbs from Seeedstudio finally so I’m working on building up a test platform with PCB and base. Assembly of the pcbs went pretty good. Lots of wide open space on these guys. Schematics and details can be … Continue reading

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iTeadstudio PCB service thoughts

I’ve been following some discussion between the guy at EEVblog and iTeadstudio about their PCBs and the quality. EEVblog is one of the guys that I follow on twitter (@eevblog). I follow iTeadstudio also, but they post pretty infrequently (@ITeadstudio). … Continue reading

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