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The Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts (ORE) club is a informal group of hobby roboticists in Canada’s national capital region. We get together at least once a month to show off our creations, share information, and work together on more ambitious projects. There are no requirements to become a member – simply show up at a meeting, or post on the mailing list.

Monthly meeting details : http://ottawarobotics.org/meeting.shtml

Mailing list : http://ottawarobotics.org/list.shtml

This blog is intended to keep people notified of the various projects we have underway as well as interesting info that we’ve found on the internet.

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  1. John says:


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  2. Dear Sir,
    Greetings from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (INDIA)!

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    Techkriti is the annual international technical & entrepreneurship
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    participation of more than 2500 participants every year competing for
    Prize money worth more than 7000 USD.

    Our proposal:
    In the upcoming addition of Techkriti, to be held from 14th -17th March
    2013 at Kanpur, INDIA, we are planning to launch the Global Robotics
    Competition (GRC), which would comprise of two sub-events:
    iARC: International Autonomous Robotics Competition and iRGT: FIRST ever
    International ROBOTS GOT TALENT!

    Can you provide me your email id for further correspondence?

    Siddhartha Sanghi
    Coordinator Robogames, Techkriti’13
    Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

  3. Jose says:


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  4. alireza hosseinkhani says:

    I am from Iran
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