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Depanelizing PCBs

Just a quick video showing how I depanelize PCBs. I typically buy PCBs from SeeedStudio or iTeadStudio and it makes sense to use the 10cm by 10cm board size and jam more than one PCB into that area. Diptrace (my … Continue reading

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Printrbot Jr. Arrives…. mostly

Its been a fun week… first the laser and now the Printrbot Jr. arrived last night! We weren’t going to build the printer until this weekend, but decided to take a look at all the pretty wood pieces. Printrbot has … Continue reading

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Holy Frikkin’ Laser!

  Well, the K40-III 40W laser arrived! I bought it on ebay from a seller called ‘rumei-shopping’. $853 bucks later (+$53 for brokerage and taxes) and Fedex dropped it off this afternoon for me to play with. The packaging that … Continue reading

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Still 3D printing…

After spending the last couple months tweaking, tuning and generally goofing around with my Prusa Reprap 3D printer, this weekend I figured it was finally time to start printing robot parts. I’ve had a minisumo design kicking around for the … Continue reading

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Lazy summer and a sumo sneak peak

I’m out visiting relatives in Saskatchewan so progress on robots and posts on this blog have suffered a bit. I’m starting to think about the CNRG robot games in November which are coming like a freight train. Any robots that … Continue reading

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CNC’ing SumoORE Chassis

Took a video of the latest chassis being cut on the CNC machine.  I’ve made some small changes to the chassis to make it fit together a little more snugly, added a cutout at the front top plate to make … Continue reading

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Back to the SumoORE chassis

Made some updates to the SumoORE chassis today. I moved the front blade out flush at the front, shaved a bit off the back, cut some openings at the back for the rear IR. Instead of black like the first … Continue reading

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