Lazy summer and a sumo sneak peak

I’m out visiting relatives in Saskatchewan so progress on robots and posts on this blog have suffered a bit. I’m starting to think about the CNRG robot games in November which are coming like a freight train. Any robots that will take a bit of building need to get started ASAP!

Last year I took first place in the minisumo with my 4 wheel sumo called Buttercup. I’m planning on bring it back again to run it basically unchanged (although I might have to build a new front blade… the existing one is pretty banged up). I had planned to have 2 sumos at the event… a 2 wheel version was left behind in the development stage once I realized that I was running out of time last year.

I pulled up the 2D design files this past week and started poking around at it again. I had a real preliminary sketch of it done that I started working from. I think its starting to come together nicely. I moved the blade/base design into Sketchup so I’ll be able to start milling it from aluminum when I get back to Ottawa.

Its going to be a little taller than Buttercup in order to keep the speed up… the speed/torque tradeoffs of the Pololu motors that I bought for this thing last year mean that it will be 40mm high at the rear end. I can’t see this being much of a problem though.. there aren’t too many robots in the expert division that have troubles seeing even the shortest of robots anyhow. As long as the weight is kept low I don’t think that having a taller robot is much of a disadvantage.

PCB design is underway also. I should have it ready to send out for manufacturing in a couple days hopefully.

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