Finally back working on the Reprap

After sitting on the backburner for most of the summer, it was time to get back to my Prusa Mendel Reprap build. It stalled when I went to mount my Arcol hotend to the chassis…. I needed to build a mounting bracket to make it all fit together. Whoops! Arcol didn’t mention that. 😉 I couldn’t find any info on what sort of mount was commonly used but I did find a picture and STL for a mount for the BudaSchnozzle which is a clone. The STL files didn’t help much as they require a working printer to make the bracket…. Catch-22.

Anyhow, I headed out on vacation with the intent of working on it later. Later finally came.

I drew up an adapter in QCad, turned it into geode in CamBam, and finally cut it from 6mm plywood. Looks good.


As I went to mount it, realized I need different length bolts than were included with the Arcol, now that I’ve changed the top plate. Doh! Off to the hardware store.

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