Starting to put stuff together for CNRG

Starting to put my new minisumo and firefighter designs together.

I put together a small flame sensor using IR phototransistors. I’ll need to either print or CNC a lid for it. The idea is that the 11 sensors give a nice location of where the flame is, so it will be fast. The Chinese team at the Hartford firefighting competition use something similar. The sensor will be standalone and readable via I2C.



The minisumo design is one that I started for the 2010 CNRG Robot games in Toronto but didn’t get the chassis design ready in time last year. It is similar to my 4 wheel buttercup design but with only 2 wheels. It will be a little taller but should be as fast and strong. The idea is quickly detecting the enemy and hitting them as hard and fast as possible.



My new firefighter brain board had a major pinout error on the new h-bridge so I had to reorder it from Seeedstudio. Whoops! I had new linefollower and sumoORE pcbs to run at the same time so it wasn’t too bad, aside from losing a few weeks of coding time. Hopefully I will see those new week!

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5 Responses to Starting to put stuff together for CNRG

  1. Albert La says:

    The games are cancelled. Sadness :'(

  2. Denis L says:

    Cool sensor! I had planned to make on just like it for this years CNRG, but work got in the way. Mine was going to be the same amount of sensors, but 360 degrees around. Maybe I still will for the games in Ottawa next year.

  3. Denis L says:

    Yes, very sad I am too. It’s lots of work, but lots of fun too.

    • Aaron Ramsey says:

      We’ve got a pretty decent set of firefighters in progress here in Ottawa so the firefighting competition next spring should be pretty good. If you aren’t able to make it in person, we are always happy to run the robots via proxy!

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