Line Follower Videos

Three little line follower…. 2 of the PICAXE 28X2 variety and 1 of the raw PIC18F25K22 sort. They are just running the default demo code.

They were released out in the wild soon after this video. Hopefully we will see them at the next O.R.E. monthly meeting….

And here is of of the PIC18F4550 line followers:

This one is a little more unstable… The other ones are much easier to control than this one. That video shows the code that Ron Clough was working on before handing it back to me. I tried rewriting the code last night to make it a little smarter (ie- use more than just the two inner sensors), but it became insanely unstable. Much tweaking remains…

Info on these robots can be found on the wiki here :



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