O.R.E. invades ModLab

A few O.R.E. members went out to the ModLab gathering which is held every 2 weeks here in Ottawa. Its always interesting to get a different perspective on things… ModLab is a mix of artists, makers and techies so it can be pretty interesting. I brought a few of my minisumo and line follower robots out as I knew one of the ModLab guys (Paul) was working on a minisumo also, but we didn’t get a chance to duke it out as his is still in development sorting out a few electrical issues.

Paul is one of the 3D printing enthusiasts here in town, starting from the Mendel/RepRap side of things and more recently progressings to an Up! from DesktopFab. I had seen photos and videos on that printer on the internet, but it definitely doesn’t do it justice. Paul brought along a wing that he is working on as part of an entire RC airplane that will be built from the ground up on his printer. The quality of the part was amazing! Super flat and thin walls. The resolution of the printer is heads and shoulders better than the RepRap and MakerBot printers that I’ve seen. Must start saving up for one of these….

No pics unfortunately, but you can see for yourself what fun stuff the ModLab guys and gals are working on by making it out to their next meeting on June 1st!

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