Built a new batch of SumoORE minisumo controllers

Building up one last batch of SumoORE minisumo controllers before the CNRG/Ottawa Robot Games on June 11th. Still need to solder on the IR detectors/transmitters, but I generally wait until I’ve got them in the chassis before doing that.


I had a heck of a time with this batch of boards. 3 of the 4 boards had whiskers between signals/power and ground. It took a bunch of hunting around with my microscope to figure out where they were. 2 of the boards weren’t bad, with only single whiskers to track down. One of the boards had 5 of them between power and ground. OUCH! Without the microscope I would have been out of luck. Seeedstudio quality was poor this time around. This was one of their $40 batches from before they dropped the price too, so its not like they just started cutting those corners.

I guess the trick is to pay the extra $10 and make sure that all of the boards are electrically tested.





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