CNRG/ORE Ottawa Robot Games 2011 were awesome!

Wow!!!!! Saturday went fast! I had tons of fun. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to the volunteers that came out today to help me along (Rob, Norm, Albert and Luc!). Thanks to everyone that came out today both to compete and to watch. We had a pretty good sized crowd!

I’m going to get the results formatted nicely for the website so I can put up the results there, along with all the video that was taken during the day. In the mean-time, I have the tabulated results in Google docs here:

Competition results on the first tab and Prizes and winners on the second tab.

Sumo Brackets (ie- fight order):

Congratulations to our winners:

Line Following : (1) Ron Clough, (2) Diego Pontones, (3) Geoff Hall
Line Racing : (1) Diego Pontones, (2) Ron Clough, (3) Andrzej Borowiec
Maze Solving : (1) Ron Clough, (2) CURC Uber Epics, (3) Geoff Hall
Minisumo : (1) Geoff Hall, (2) Snuggles the robot, (3) FingerTech Robotics

A special thanks to all of our sponsors:
Microchip, Pololu, FingerTechRobotics, Solarbotics, RobotCraft,, Active Tech, TI/Avnet!

When you are out buying parts for your robots, remember to try and support the vendors who supported us.

I was busy running around the entire day so I didn’t grab too many pics. Here are a few that I took.

A shot from the back of the room during the robot check-in:


A view from the front, getting ready to do some line racing.


A robot midway through our level 3 line following course. If I’m not mistaken, that is ‘Speedy’ by Brian Underwood. It definitely lived up to its name.


A shot of our line racing track. Took nearly an entire roll of electricians tape to plot that out. Our fastest robot (Speedy from above) was able to run the course in right around 20 seconds, but had some issues stopping in the start/stop area unfortunately. The winning robot was at 37 seconds. If only Speedy had been Stoppy too.


Luckily there was an awesome photographer named Arnaud Weck lurking in the crowd and he took some fantastic pictures of the robots and people at the event. You can find those on his picasa page here.

For those of you counting, you’ll notice that the LineORE and SumoORE designs took 10 of the 12 top spots. Sweet!

I’m looking forward to the Ottawa games next year!



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