More Line Followers ready

Had a little time this weekend so I finished putting those line followers together. I’ll be out of motors and some other components after this batch, so I’m going to move on to sumo robots next. I took a few pics of the CNC process.

Cutting motor mounts:

Cutting front slider:

Cutting wheels:

Spinning the wheels to cut a groove for the rubber o-ring. Basically I mount the wheel on the motor and run it while cutting with a pointy bit in the mill. It would be nicer to just do it on the lathe, but I need to build a mounting system for that.

Mounting the motors to the chassis. The pocketed areas in the sintra hold the motors nicely in place. No worries about misaligning them.

5 robots ready to roll… well, mostly. Need more o-rings first.

And that’s it. A hell of a deal for only $35.

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